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In 2004, then Marvel President Bill Jemas asked Mike San Giacomo to become part of a new imprint, EPIC Comics, featuring new and old characters. His contribution was PHANTOM JACK, the real-life story of a regular guy who develops a simple superpower: invisibility. San Giacomo took the project to Image after Jemas left Marvel and five issues were produced. The works were repackaged in 2005 (Speakeasy Comics) and again in 2008 (Atomic Pop Art Entertainment) in graphic novel form with almost 100 new pages of stories and art as THE COLLECTED EDITION and DIRECTOR'S EDITION.

In August, 2010, the sequel finally came out: THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA from IDW. The story builds on all that went before, with an introduction that makes it a good place to jump on for new readers.

Vinnie Cosumano's best friend who appeared to have died in the Phantom Jack origin story, resurfaces as the Nowhere Man. And he is pure evil. Not only can be turn invisible like Jack, but his control and power is 100 times greater. His misuse of his "fade" is killing his liver. He captures Jack's former lover and wants to trade her life for Jack's liver. How does Jack defeat a man with all his power and more? Does he? It's time for Jack to step up and be the hero he was always meant to be.

The graphic novel is 110 pages of all new material featuring five original Phantom Jack stories and new art by Mitch Breitweiser, Sean McArdle, Andy Belanger, Andy Finlayson and Nathan Fairbairn.